Last updated: November 14, 2017

Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors

Turbochargers, diesel particulate filters and 3-way catalytic converters must be protected from excessively high exhaust gas temperatures! That is the task of NTK temperature sensors. NTK has been developing exhaust gas temperature sensors for original equipment for many years. Each sensor is designed by NTK engineers for the specific individual vehicle application and its corresponding engine control unit.

NTK Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

The perfect match for the top 20 aftermarket part numbers

OE quality: All sensors come from original equipment ranges.

The range caters for almost two million vehicles in the UK.

Wide variety of makes covered: for Audi, BMW, Dacia, Ford, Renault, Seat, SĖŒkoda and VW vehicles.

Increases competitiveness compared with OES business and offers additional sales opportunities for independent parts suppliers.

NTK Exhaust gas temperature sensors are a logical product extension to our world leading range of Lambda sensors.