Last updated: March 01, 2014

NGK – The manufacturer’s No. 1 choice

Mercedes-Benz M270


NGK Spark Plugs has been chosen as the sole supplier of spark plugs for the new Mercedes-Benz M270 engine.

The new four-cylinder standard engine made its world premiere at the IAA 2011 Show in Frankfurt, Germany, inside the new B-Class which will go on sale at the end of the year.

Mercedes-Benz selected a double precious-metal spark plug with a new terminal design – the SILZKFR8A7S – for the new turbo-charged four-cylinder 1.6 litre engine which will deliver 90kW (122PS) in the B180, while the B200 version will deliver 115kW (156PS). A separate version with 150kW (204PS) and stratified injection will also be available.

The spark plugs for Mercedes’ new four-cylinder standard are supplied exclusively by NGK Spark Plugs which developed an iridium-platinum-type plug which comes with a long and slim M12 thread, an iridium tip on the centre electrode and an additional platinum chip applied to the ground electrode.

These precious metals make the electrodes exceptionally resistant against spark erosion and corrosion. Spark gap growth is minimal over the entire service life and therefore guarantees the utmost in ignition reliability.

Additionally, the shape of the centre electrode, in combination with the tapered design of the ground electrode, allows for an optimal spread of the flame front inside the combustion chamber, which improves engine efficiency.

The M270 is the first engine from Mercedes-Benz to feature a spark plug using a new ‘Long Insulator Cup Design’. The terminal is no longer an SAE connector but, as the name suggests, it has the shape of a cup.

The ignition coil establishes the high-voltage connection by means of a spring that reaches into the cup. Thanks to this design, NGK was able to lengthen the insulator by several millimetres without lengthening the spark plug as a whole.

Thanks to the longer insulator, the plug offers improved flashover resistance, thus guaranteeing reliable ignition even if higher ignition pressures and supercharging rates demand increased ignition voltages. Another positive effect of the design is that it establishes contact inside the cup, and by doing so, the spring is optimally screened which helps to prevent electrical failures.

Martin Pring, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, said: “It is testament to the expertise of NGK in spark plug technology that the company has been selected to be the exclusive supplier of plugs for this new engine from new Mercedes.”


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