Last updated: January 14, 2013

NGK – The manufacturer’s No. 1 choice

BMW K1600 – Spark Plugs

NGK spark plugs have been selected to power BMW’s first-ever six-cylinder motorcycle.

The Bavarian manufacturer has chosen NGK Spark Plugs to be the exclusive supplier of spark plugs and Lambda sensors for the BMW K1600.

Nine out of 10 bikers rely on NGK spark plugs which is no surprise as the company supplies the original equipment spark plugs for most motorcycles on the market.

Brian Childs, Deputy Managing Director, NGK Spark Plugs (UK) Ltd, said: “The supply of spark plugs and Lambda sensors for BMW’s first six-cylinder motorcycle is a testament to the technical strength of NGK in the two-wheel market and is a major achievement for the company.”

The BMW K1600 luxurious touring machine is available in GT and GTL versions, both powered by a 1640-ccm, in-line six-cylinder engine delivering 118kW (160HP). According to BMW, it is the lightest and most compact six-cylinder within its class so far.

Riders can choose between three driving modes; rain, road and dynamic. To guarantee consistently high performance in all three modes and at very low revolutions (the unit offers 125Nm even at 1500 revolutions), NGK developed the LMAR8AI-8 precious-metal spark plug exclusively for this engine.

It features a long and slim M10 thread and a centre electrode with a laser-welded Iridium tip. This precious metal’s melting point is well above 2400°C. It is also extremely hard. The centre electrode is therefore almost completely resistant against spark erosion and corrosion. The gap between centre and ground electrodes remains virtually unchanged over the entire service life of the plug – ensuring outstanding ignition reliability.

On top of this, the plug ensures an optimal throttle response. As the centre electrode is merely 0.6mm in diameter, more ignitable air-fuel mixture comes close to the spark. Additionally, the shape of the centre electrode itself and the tapered ground electrode have a positive effect on the spread of the flame front within the combustion chamber, thus improving engine efficiency.

The spark plugs also consume less ignition voltage, as the extremely thin Iridium tip offers good electric conductivity. Therefore, the motorcycle battery and ignition coils are spared.

NTK Lambda Sensors

Each BMW motorcycle with a controlled catalytic converter features Lambda sensors from NTK. The same goes for the K1600. It comes with two ZFAS-S2 (NTK Part No. AZD0102-BM003) Zirconium dioxide sensors upstream of the catalytic converter. This sensor features a lamellar and less space consuming, planar ceramic sensor element. As a result, it is only 6cm long and features an M12-thread. A comparable Lambda sensor for passenger cars on average is 8.4cm long and features a M18 thread.


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