Last updated: October 26, 2017

Formula One

NGK Spark Plugs entered the world of Formula One for the first time with Honda in 1964. The following year they achieved their first Grand Prix victory in Mexico with the American driver Richie Ginther.


Following their success with Honda Formula One, NGK spark plugs were soon were fitted in many other Formula One engines. In 1978 another American driver, Mario Andretti, won the Formula One World Championship in the Lotus 78 sparked by NGK.


In 1998, a car with a Mercedes engine fitted with NGK spark plugs took NGK to its 100th victory in Formula One, and in 2007, cars fitted with NGK spark plugs achieved wins in all 17 races, stretching the total to 200 wins, a total which today stands at over 350 grand prix victories.

In 2016 season, NGK is officially supplying spark plugs to the Ferrari Formula One team. For more Formula One stories please visit NGK Torque.

Ferrari 2016


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