published: September 01, 2017 By Phil Harnett

NTK launches new range of MAF/MAP sensors

Building on its status as brand leader in the automotive sensor market, NTK has now further expanded its range of sensor products with the launch today of a new product range of MAF/MAP sensors.

This new NTK product range for the UK Aftermarket features over 150 part numbers including 87 Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors and 69 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors.

MAFMAP sensors

With the introduction of MAF/MAP to its existing ranges of Lambda, NOx and EGTS sensors, NTK is now able to offer a comprehensive one stop solution to engine sensors.


To accompany the launch NTK have released a new 24 page MAFMAP KNOWHOW guide which provides extensive background to the product range, how they work, fault finding and other useful hints and tips.